Monday, December 19, 2005

Some reviews:

Proof: Fenwick High School's presentation of a David Auburn play directed by David Monteagudo was enthralling; never have I seen emotion emoted by high schoolers as I did in this wonderful production. The only thing that was better than the directing choices was the terrific bit of Zen that occurred during a particularly tense scene when a bottle of Champaign tumbled to the floor and shattered, adding even more immediacy to the act.

King Kong: Do yourself a favor and go see it, the "Bug Scene" is worth the admission alone. It's not perfect (the pacing in the first act feels very rushed) but I hope that the flaws are due to editing for time and will be fixed on the director's cut DVD. There is going to be one of those, right? It's Peter Jackson.

Syriana: Eh. I could just draw the parallels to Traffic and tell you how it doesn't measure up, so I think I will. It's a lot like Traffic, but it doesn't measure up. Traffic left me feeling educated in the subject of the war on drugs; it had a message that I hadn't heard very clearly until the film changed that. Syriana just doesn't affect as well. It presents an old message, one that is just as important as the message preached in Traffic, but it's just not preached as well. It brings nothing new to the table, something that Traffic did in truckloads (Topher Grace speach, anyone?). Plus I don't really understand the whole point of the movie. It all seemed very pointless.

The Producers: Holy crap, was that offensive, disgusting, and just plain great. It starts a bit slow and unsure of itself but then when it starts shooting, it starts killing. A+.