Sunday, November 30, 2003

To me you are the light, from a light bulb breaks sometimes, and the tender warmth inside is released into my life. And it smothers me in flames, that lick and scortch my face. As the smoke reaches the sky, know I'm burning tonight- know I burn for you tonight.

Saves The Day- Firefly

Yeah, I know I don't really like Saves The Day, but who can deny that Firefly is an awesome song? Not me. I just thought I'd post that lyric for y'all and remind you to tune in to Toner tomorrow.

(Sorry I haven't written a real entry in a while, but I have a lot of top secret plans I'm working on. Let's just say one of them involves a nasty blond, and another involves a little Asian girl and an Asian Kung-Fu master. I'll keep you posted.)


Monday, November 24, 2003

Not many people can cha-cha-cha; Not everybody can do the twist; But everybody can do the ska; It's the dance you can't resist!

I am feeling so 2 Tone right now. I think it's gonna be mod day tomorrow at school, ie. I'm gonna wear my black "suit," with matching shoes, my old army overcoat, and my Irish cap. I'll look badass, you just wait.

I got a haircut, and now have this mullet thing going, I'm gonna have to have somebody fix that up. Damn short hair. Whatever.

Man, long time since a post, eh? Whatever.

Mu330's "Tune me Out" is gonna be played at Banua this year. We hope. Whatever.

Man, it is cold. It snowed today. Whatever.

I have so much homework, is any of it gonna get done? No! Hurrah for slacking! Hey, today's Thursday. Long weekend ahead of me, good, hope something happens. Oh, guess what? Thanksgiving is gonna suck. I just found out we're not going to my Grandparents this time, just to my aunts. Sucktastic, there will be no one of my age there and all TV's will be used. Grargh, I needed my cousin's guitar skillz. Blah. Sour taste. I'm out.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Well it's hard when your stuck in your town and you can't get out!

Big D and the Kids Table - Can't Be Caught

Today's song has a special meaning. I have joined a ska band and we are trying out for Banua. Well, I kinda started it, with the help of Sarah Campillo, and we are gonna storm Banua with a hella 3rd wave goodness. Yeah.


Sunday, November 16, 2003

Take a number.

Blue Meanies - Noise of Democracy

Woo, Sunday night. Toner Radio tomorrow, 3:15 be there. Hey, good weekend. So it began Thursday with FC, we saw those videos. Then on Friday, well for the first part read Friday's post. Then it was on to this shindig at some frat house, a frat who calls themselves "the Skulls." Yes, they named themselves after the movie. It was dark, smelly, and loud, but I still had a good time. Sorta. After the party I went back to my sister's dorm and chilled, then went to sleep. Sleep on a hard dorm floor is not fun. So then the next morning we headed back to Chi-town. I got home, took a much needed shower and chilled. Saturday night was fun, you people know what went down. Good plan, too bad it ended up coming true... So today was Pancake Breakfast at my church. Look, say what you want about the Church, but man, do they make some good pancakes. I went and ate alone, the rest of my family went earlier, but there was no way in hell I was getting up at 6:30. I worked the open hiz-ouse at the big F today, and that was... well a waste of my time. Eh, nevermind, I woulda ended up using it to sleep anyway, and I did need to pick up my math book. So yeah.



Saturday, November 15, 2003

Back from UIUC. Grood time was had by all. Very sleepy, nap time.


Friday, November 14, 2003

Yeah, it's a real cool club, and you're not part of it!

Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids - Bark Like A Dog

UIUC, y'all! What up now? No school today, although I did have to get up at 5:40 in order to get here in time for mi hermana's 9 o'clock. Mission accomplished. The two hour car drive was very uneventful, I did listen to the new Outkast album the way up. Great album, two CD's of awesome tracks. The first is all real hip hop or rap or whatever and the second is so cool, a great mix of hip hop, jazz and so much more. But anyway, UIUC! We hit two classes today, anthropology and english or something. The first was so easy, really they took a quiz that I could have passed with my knowledge of the Maya's from that game show on Nickelodeon. The other class was funny, the teacher seemed cool, and next week they get to watch "Bowling for Colombine" so that's a plus. Don't know what's going down for tonight, I'm hoping for somthing good. My sister isn't letting me use la computadora too much, so I got to rap this stuff up and get the other stuff done that needs to be done. Later, yo.


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Rock rock rock rock rock and roll high school!

Ramones - (Figure it out, stupid.)

My high school is definitly not of the Rock and Roll variety.

Anyway, short post (my shortest, I think...), saw those director dvds in FC, one great, one good, one God-awful. Only buy two, Spike Jonze (Good) and that other guy, the one who did "Star Guitar" (Great). Don't buy that third guy (Crap), it is really bad. I mean like REALLY bad. Use your money to buy something cool, like a propeller beanie, or the Descendents album I've been plugging all week. Well, that's it for me. No school tomorrow, Ima going to see my big sister at the U of the I. Check y'all later, yo.


Wednesday, November 12, 2003

All I need is a walking cane, to guide me on my way.
A hat to push away the rain, that would be okay.
Starting over to begin, I'm standing here to strong.
I never thought I'd ever see it all...
I stand to tall, but I shrink away,
I never thought I'd feel as good as the way I feel today.
So I'll run away, 'cause things aren't quite going my way.
Run away from yesterday, tomorrow we'll be free.
I slipped today but that's okay, I need a new routine.
Those who live and those who die,
shining like the sun, all trying to peak over the wall...
I stand to tall, but I shrink away,
I never thought I'd feel as good as the way I feel today.
When I turned on MTV,
I saw just what I wanted to be.
But that was yesterday and things aren't quite going my way...
I listen to you for hours, I'll listen all day; just keep hitting me the right way. Sing your song in the shower- cause you got a way to say what I can never say right - right on. When I feel weak you make me feel strong- make me feel strong- I won't say your name, but you know who you are. I'll never be the same again now - no way. I just want to say: Thank you for playing the way you play.

Descendents - Thank You - Everything Sucks

Man, I know I've been giving "Everything Sucks" a lot of play lately, but it can't be helped, the album is just that good. There are so many songs that are awesome, high energy, crazy drums, but the lyrics are just as good. One you should check out- "I'm the One." Really, if you use Kazaa or something to that effect, grab this track. Please. Also, once every so often, a track on an album will just slap me in the face and make me think, whoa. Well, the hidden track does this. It's an instrumental song, and the guitar riffs are great, not to mention the drums. Really, that is the best drumming I've heard on a song in a long time.

School was a'ight, as usuall. I have so many "projects" I have to complete, such as-

Wick Comic Strip
Volleball Player for Gym
Jugbreak WAD's
Film Club Movie
Video Yearbook Trailer

And now, I have to make sketches for a telivision backdrop for the AV room. Gahh! Too much crap. I need money, I think I should start charging for my services. I should get going, but eh, I'm going to U of I on Friday, so, blah to you all.


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Sing, Michael, sing! On the route of the 19 Bus, hear them sayin' how you get a rude and a reckless? Don't you be so crude and a feckless; you been drinking brew for breakfast; Rudie can't fail!

Clash - Rudie Can't Fail - London Calling

I hate school. We have school tomorrow. Boo school. I worked on my trailer for Video Yearbook today, after missing the Theology trip (don't ask). I redid my room yesterday, before the par-tay. I'm happy with the result, I finally put up my bulletin board, and used all my Asian Man Records stuff, well must of them. I put up a shelf in my room, by myself, so I'm waiting for it to fall down, I just screwed it into the drywall, not the studs. I hooked up my turn-table again, and have been blasting the vinyl version of the Descendent's "Everything Sucks." Great album. Punk sounds better on vinyl anyway. I also found my copy of Catch 22's "Keasby Nights," killer, no more burned copy for me.

Speaking of copying, no one is to read my sister's blog anymore. She is so ripping me off, what with the daily quotes and whatnot. And now she's talking about movies. No way! When she was at Fenwick with me all she did was make fun of FC. Stick to sports, you don't see me trying to play water polo! Leave films and music to me! Everyone throw garbage at her now!

As much as I hate school, this is looking to be like an okay week, I'm only gonna be in classes for two days, my math teach just had a kid, and uh, well that's it. Things usually come in three's, so lets wait and see, okay? I'm hungry, I wish mis padres would make me something. I think we're having lasigna. Yuck. I ate fruit snacks. Yum. I think I'll go have some more. Disco.


Monday, November 10, 2003

So I'll let you know, if you need somewhere to go, I'll be listening when you call and I'll be there if you fall off. If you need someone to believe in you, I'll let you know I will.

Less than Jake - The Brightest Bulb has Burned Out

Brrr. Coldness. Woo, Kiaros Par-tay tonight. Woo. I went and saw "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" last night. That's 30 plays in 60 minutes. They only finished 28. Oh well. The ones they performed were great, some funny, some serious, and one that made me think. The clear winners were "The Fabulous Halloween Piss Parade," "If a Play Happens in the State Park And No One Is Around To Watch It, Is It Still Art?," Warning Label Theater Presents: Bathroom Products from Hell," "Insert Sadistic Maniacal Laughter Here," "Neo-Futurist Chloe Johnston is So Talented I Could Watch Her Read A Phonebook," "A Monk and A Seven Year Old Walk Into A Piano Bar," "Food Fight," and "The New Fall Lineup..."

"'Too Much Light...' is experimental theater at it's best." - Some Jerk. They are so right, I love that show. Yeah, experimental theater. Betcha didn't know I was all cultured and shit, didja? Yeah, well, I am. Oh, man, it was so funny. "Warning Label Theater..." was awesome, "Discontinue! Discontinue! Discontinue if rash appears!" "It put's the pea size dab of toothpaste on the brush and places it in the basket!" "The New Fall Lineup..." was right on the mark, "What a hip soundtrack!" I love "The Fabulous Halloween...," "Oh, Halloween's for picks, and for kids, and for geeks..." And "A Monk and a Seven Yearold Walk Into A Piano Bar" was very, I guess the word is moving, but going to a CAtholic School I think it just ment something more.

Of course, as is everything in my life, the night had some weirdass things too. I went with my friend Kristin, right? Well before the show starts we're talking about American Girl, that thing where you can dress up like your doll, and we get inside the theater and look at our menu. number 14 is called "American Girl Place." It's all about how stupid "American Girl" is, and it was really bizzare, we were just talking about it. The second crazy thing to happen was that one of the Neo-Futurists looked just like Kristin. I discussed this with her after the show and she agreed 100%. I checked the menu and it turns out that the Neo-Futurist we were talking about was named Kristie! Not only that but Kristie K! It was scary. I think that that must be Kristin in the future, like she some how got transported back here from the future and took a job in "Too Much Light." Don't talk about it, though, cause the universe might colapse.

Yeah, good times. That's about it. Oh, my name is now Sucka' cause that's what the Neo-Futurist's gave me when I went in.


PS. Molly, if you read this, do not freak out. The Neo-Futurist's are a group of actors, not some cult or communists. The name is a joke, neo meaning new... get it? Anyway, it was just a play, it was funny, don't think I'm some weirdo. Okay? Okay.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Name change and whatnot. Oops, forgot a quote. Uh...

Shove all your problems under the rug, then you wonder where the smell came from; rotting out from the inside.

Descendents - Rotting out - Everything Sucks

I decided to add the record album after the song, just in case. I loves that album, it is so wicked cool. Anyway, this post is really just in order to update the blog, my sis now has one, and like I said, I changed the title.

Man it's friggin cold outside. I had to rake leaves. I wanted to just rake them into my drive way and set fire to the lot, but no, "that's against the law!" and "no, it's too close to the house!" and "no, your leg is on fire!" Stupid world.

I like warmth, but I really like the winter. Someone needs to invent warm snow. Or room temperature snow. That would be fun. I hope I do something today, I'm getting sick of my house. Rargh. People know how it is.

Boo. Hiss.

Anyway, new stuff, everyone be amazed. I'm out.


Saturday, November 08, 2003

Covered in leather or plaid patches or metal studs. Your hair is dyed or spiked with glue. You only talk to those who look and act the way you do 'cause you think you're cool. Punk. Punk. Punk. Punk by the book.

Anti-Flag: Punk by the Book

Punk is stupid. I will not stop saying this, because it is. After attending the Less Than Jake show on Wednesday I realized how stupid it really is. As I sat there watching Fall Out Boy and the hoard of little girls trying to slam, it hit me in the face. Why the hell were these obvious popular kids playing on stage in a "punk-rock" band? They weren't outcasts, they had no problems with today's society, they had no reason to be on stage. Punk used to be about not fitting in. People were punks because they couldn't fit in anywhere else. Now, that's all changed. I am disgusted with the current state of affairs. I hate trucker hats. Emo sucks. There's no shock anymore. There is no obscenity. What the hell happened? I want another Sex Pistols. I want more Anti-Flag. Rancid sold out, NOFX is for jocks, and the Casualties are for posers. I want a band that has no real musical talent, but has something to say. I want a message that isn't "love hurts." I want a message that gives the big middle finger to mainstream America. I need to go get a copy of MaximumRockNRoll.

That being said, the concert was good. It was funny to watch these little girls try to slam, all they do is jump, and they're all afraid to actually hit someone else, so it doesn't really work. Yellowcard was better; I went crazy during "Sure Shot." The lyrics always send me into a frenzy, they're just so good. "Find some way to make the mean kids pay..." Ah, good stuff. So after my one Yellowcard song I like, I headed back into the back to watch. Finally Less Than Jake came on, and man, was I a madman. They music was awesome. Their set was awesome. I slammed like a crazy and skanked harder. At one point we had a nice skank circle pit going and out of nowhere Manny the Mad Mosher comes in and knocks over some kid. He runs at me and I grab him, turn, and throw him a good five feet. I had no idea I had that kind of strength. Anyway, LTJ were great. They played everything I wanted to hear, even "Dopeman" and "How's my Driving, Doug Hastings?" Man it was great.

I'm so tired. I have bruises all over. I am looking forward to a nice night of movies and sleeping. Ah, this is gonna be good.

Oh, I also got a nice position on the school paper, "the Wick," doing a comic. It is due Friday and I really don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm thinking about attacking those teachers who made Mr. Konrad stop doing his little announcements, lousy fascists. That's about it, later, yos.


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This is your last chance to be yourself, uncool is what you make it, friend.

Today's quote: "Uncool is What You Make It" by Tom Daily off the Oil Comp. If you do not own this album, go and buy it now.

I need to clear something up. This is not "my diary," okay? It is my blog, in fact it is Toner Radio's blog (or it would be if Pie had any intrest in blogging...). It is not my diary, but it looks like it is becoming such, I mean all I do is whine and write random stuff. I should change the name. Yeah, okay.

So my Video Yearbook Trailer got scrapped, but I am making one with Pie, so that's good, less actual work for me, I just have to know what I want and he'll make it happen. I got big plans. Not a big crash.

Good news. Since this is in no way connected to the great high school I attend, I can't get in trouble for what I say here. Or at least I can say what I want. I'm not sure if I can get in trouble. I discussed it with Mr. PDawn and he okayed it. Neato. Not that I would bash Fenwick, mind you...

Hey, guess what? Less than Jake! Five bucks! Gonna be one hell of a sucky show! Gonna be packed with 12 years old girls who do not know how to behave in the pit! I'm gonna get kicked in the head! Just like at Warped Tour! Stupid people! Ruining the scenes! They almost killed ska! Why not leave everything else I like alone! Woo Hoo! Less Than Jake!

Another thing, I guess the whole school thinks I'm emo. Yeah, what the hell is up with that?! I am so ska it hurts! Ghaa! I really do not want to be connected with Dashboard Confessional. I really wouldn't mind if people knew about real emo, like Smoking Popes and them, but this whole mainstream emo fad sucks, you know? I am not emo.

A Poem
I'm sitting in English class
when I feel like I should write a poem
Then I realize
I shouldn't try to be artistic
It should just happen
So I don't
I turn to my left and see John
He is writing a poem

Damn it, I guess I am emo. But I don't write poems about my heart being broken, I write them about school and the weather. Gahh.

I have to go, I need to not be emo. I'm off to listen to some good ska and become happy. I'm also burning my black sweater.


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Oh, why did I move to Southern California?

I love that song, California by Wax. Spike Jonze (aka, the Man) did the viedo, we viewed it today in video yearbook. So rawsome. Also, how is it that every White Stripes video is great? They are so cool.

Anyhow, I got a really good idea for a trailer for Video Yearbook, I doubt it will fly though. It's cool, you'll like it.

A haiku.
The rain patters down
One more chance lost forever
Today dies slowly

Hey, what? It be raining out and I be kinda mellow. Stupid "Requim for a Dream" soundtrack, how I loath thee! Nay, I take it back, I love thee...

I'm kinda working on this comic for Timoteo Marco. I made one for the blokes (Tim Martin) over at, and now everyone wants a piece of the comic action. Timoteo's is about him and Joe O'Connor fighting robots. It looks cool. The one is kinda based in my comic(Scene Hoppers and/or My Stupid Life)'s style. The robot one is not. If you would like a comic, hit me up at I will see what I can do.

I'm trying to make this my longest post ever. It seems to be working.

Mrs. Edler read my backpack story in class today. We were going around in a circle, reading our stories and there was only five minutes left in class. I was thinking, "Thank God, she'll never get to mine," when suddenly she goes (after she finishes reading Tim Martin's "Kill Bill" rip [Kidding, it was good], which was not based on actual events [I talked to Tim after, it was scary, he really didn't know what had happened, but had pretty much written an acurate account, adding in a motorcycle gang]) , "Okay, there are only 5 minutes left in class, I want to get to one story, so Mark, read Marty's." At this point I have sunk in my chair, but come back up to say sorry to whoever it was about. See, I didn't want mine to be read because instead of writing about the person who owns the packpack, I wrote this story attacking the rich of our world. I liked it, but others didn't. It was a face-redening time.

A poem.
I turn around in my chair and ask this girl what she wrote in her story. She answers, "smoking pot," I ask, "no, really," she simply says, "pot." I grow angry, breath an obscenity and turn back around.

I would like to take this moment to say that I am sorry to some one. I am sorry for the above poem and Tim's story, even if it was just a really creepy accident. I am also sorry for being a jerk lately, I know, I'll shape up. You know who you are, so I won't name a name, but really, I am sorry.

Wow, long post. I'll keep going.

Less Than Jake this week. Rocking. I like LTJ. They are good. They are peppy. Have you noticed that their albums started out awesome, but have grown worse? They go in order: Pezzcore (Best), Losing Streak (2nd), Hello Rockview (3rd), Boarders and Boundaries (Worst), and Anthem (4th). Okay, so the last one throws it off, still, they have gotten worse. Hope they put on a good live show.

What else? I'm running out of topics here. Rargh, I want to make that trailer for VidBok, but I bet one of two things will happen. Either, A) They won't let me, or B) the people I want to be in it will say no. Lets hope neither will go down.

I was gonna just start writing quotes from songs but I figured that'd be unfair. So, here is a joke, my best one.

How do you keep an old woman from smiling?
Hit her in the mouth with an axe.

Say that to someone, watch what they do. It is funny.

Okay, I think that's about all I got. No spell check, cause that's not punk rock. Hey, punk. Remember when Toner was about that? Yeah, I do too. Those were some good times. Too bad punk is so stupid.



Saturday, November 01, 2003

Hey, look, a new post. What say we all read it, eh?

First things first, I must take back everything I have ever said against Kairos. It was great. Can't say why, it just was. If you have the chance to go soon, go. I wish I cold go back, I really do.

Next up, I got the new Joe Strummer album and I must say, it is great. RIP Joe, we miss you. London's still calling for you.

Thirdly, Halloween was a rocking grood time. I went as Indiana Jones. What did you go as? Highlight of the evening: Learning to glow-stick dance and all the disturbing jokes. Low-light of the evening: the large disappointment I got from one of my friends. Can't say why, but lets say you'd be disappointed too if you knew what happened. Come on, retard, grow a backbone and use your head, okay? Stuff like that shouldn't happen. Other than that, it was grood.

So that's about it, it's almost 2:30 and I really just got up, guess Kairos takes a lot out. I'll check y'all later, live that fourth. Word,