Saturday, July 08, 2006

A couple of days ago I was driving back from a friend's house and I stopped at a stop sign. As I was pulling out, a rabbit ran out into the street, much too quick for me to keep from hitting it.

So I ran it over.

It went under my left tire and made an awful squishing sound. It's not that I wanted to hit the damn thing, it's just that it really did run right under my tire and I was going too fast and he was going too fast for the situation to be avoided. So, it made a gwishing noise and the car kinda popped up like I hit a small bump and that was that. I felt bad (but not really cause there are way too many rabbits around anyway) but I kept on driving, it's not like I could do anything.

The next day I notice my car is kinda making a weird noise from the left tire but I don't think anything of it. That is, I don't think anything of it until my dad pulls the car out into the street this morning. What should fall out from the undercarriage of the Cavalier?

That very same rabbit's head.

It seems that when I ran the dumb animal over, it's head got stuck in the underside of my car and I carried it around for almost two days before it randomly drops into the middle of the street on this Saturday morning.

Someone then ran it over so now it's really flat on the pavement. I'll take a picture of it if anyone wants to see.