Monday, December 29, 2003


Oh, long long time since a post. Christmas is over. Yeah, my cd take was quite alright:
Ramones - Rocket to Russia
Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope
Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves
Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary (On tonight on Letterman)
Anti-Flag - A New Kind of Army
Tossers - Purgatory
And I got "Lock Stock" on DVD along with the Simpsons 3rd season and Indiana Jones.

Why the hell did I just type that? No one cares what the hell I got.

"A Blog? You guys are such dorks. 'Today I had a piece of bread. It was stale.' No one cares that your bread was stale! Get a freakin' life!"


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Pinch me 'cause I'm still asleep; please God, tell me that I'm still asleep.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

It's the perfect time of year
Somewhere far away from here
I feel fine enough, I guess
Considering everything's a mess.
There's a restaurant down the street
Where hungry people like to eat.
I could walk, but I'll just drive
It's colder than it looks outside.

It's like a dream - you try to remember but it's gone.
Then you try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn, when you
Try to see the world beyond your front door.

I hate basketball. It's almost 6 and I am just walking in the door. I haven't been home since 10 this morning. I feel like I might have the flu, I'm really short of breath. Movie night? We'll see.


PS. My knee still hurts. :)
if god came down on christmas day,
i know exactly what he'd say-
he'd say oi! to the punks
and oi! to the skins
but oi! to the world and everybody wins!

-vandals -oi to the world!

once when i was around 12 or so i had a santa dream. i was old enough to know that it was all a hoax, but i still had this amazingly real dream that santa was on the roof and i went out and saw him there with his reindeer and everything. towards the end of it he flew off into the night sky just like in the cartoons. when i woke up i was confused, because it was such a real dream, probably the most real dream i've ever had. at the time i felt really childish for having that dream, but looking back i say wow. that was an awesome dream. i hope i have that dream again sometime.

it's begining to look a lot like christmas...

-L. McGuire

Thursday, December 18, 2003

See, there is proof I rock. I do not know if Ms. L. McGuire will be posting again, but we shall see. Seriously though, I didn't post that, I'm not that loney/sad/depressed/crying/pathetic/hungry, so back off. It just looks like the Toner Radio Blog Thingy is getting more peeps, everyone else has more than one, so why not me? Eh? Yeah.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Gil is my hero.

-L. McGuire

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Just a few more days till Christmas and there's just one thing on my wish list:
I won't care if the snow doesn't fall or if there's no holly to deck the halls,
But if you were wrapped in ribbons of red and you forgot what I had said;
And if you were wearing Santa's hat and grabbed my hand and took me back;
Well, the snow would fall and we'd deck the halls and the candy canes well they'd fall like rain;
And you'd dance under the tree with me.

Mu330 - 3 Days Til Christmas

I heart Christmas. I heart Mu330. Therefore, I heart Mu330's Christmas CD. Which I do. It's pure Mu330. That poppy-ska. They do write a good Christmas tune.

Anyway, this week could not go by slower. I thought it was zipping along, right up to the point when Matt Timmons informed me today was not Wednesday as I thought, but rather Tuesday. Damnit.

On another topic, Chaz informed me yesterday, and then again today, that my little excuse for a band might be closing Banua. Awesome.

Whatever, it's cold and I have work to do. Later, y'all.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Christmas! Merry Christmas! To You!


Man, this is cool. It's like frickin 7 mizillion degrees below zero outside, Christmas is really here. Tomorrow we go up to MichI-IshI-Ishigan to get our tree, that's always a riot. Should be fun. I had the joy of learning a new game yesterday: MAFIA. Quite the experience. Still waitin on my UIUC rejection, everyone else is getting theirs, so mine should be here directly. Woo freakin hoo.

On a good note, I am playing in Banua. Yes, that's right, Fenwick is letting me take part in its most important musical. This is a big deal people, I can't play bass. Ah, good times.

I think that's all I got, shower time. Word up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?
Yeah, so does a breakdown.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

he's singin and she's there to lend a hand. he's seen his name on the marquee but she will never understand. once again he's leavin' and she's there with a tear in her eye. embraces with a warm gesture, it's time, time to say goodbye... destination unknown

Rancid - Ruby Soho

I know, I've badmouthed Rancid before, and I stand by my cries that they suck, they do, but "Out Comes the Wolves..." is such a great album. I also like the Adicts. Good stuff.

I'm so fricking irritable right now. I'm running on little sleep, I haven't had dinner, I have so much shit to do, I think my head is gonna explode. Ka-Blooie. Better post soon, I promise.

God, I love music.


Friday, December 05, 2003

London's burning with boredom now, London's burning dial 99999!

The Clash - London's Burning

I'm burning with boredom now. It's amazing, there can be so much to do one weekend and nothing the next. I was supposed to have basketball today, but Banua tryouts went a little long, so, yeah. Speaking of which, rock'n'roll baby! We played good and sounded quite awesome. Really awesome for the first time actually playing it straight through. I hope we made it in, we were one of two non-crap-pop-punk acts to try out. Good luck to Chaz and his vain attept to get a Ramones cover together at the last second. I swear, if he makes it in and we didn't...

I got to head over to a little babysitting job now, ah, gettin' paid for watchin' cable. Kick ass.


Monday, December 01, 2003

I'm all lost in the supermarket; I can no longer shop happily. I came in here for that special offer: a guaranteed personality.

the Clash - Lost in the Supermarket

Yo, yo, what is up everyones? Long time since a post (yesterday's does not count. This will be explained... in time... maybe, we'll see). Anyway, vacation was good, got all my college apps in, so that's goo, but I still have no future. That new thing on Homestar Runner is great, number 2 most of all.

I hate listening to music. I get really into one band or a type of music and I want to take part in it you know? Like now, I've been chilling with the Clash, and all I want to do is to take part in some riot or and be all political. I was into 2Tone before and I wanted a suit. Music is ruining me.

I'm starting a new comic. This'll be my third this year. "Scene Hoppers" isn't dead, "My Stupid Life" is, and this new one (no title yet) isn't a strip so it can't die. It's gonna be short, 4 pages, max. It's gonna be a full comic, but just a short, and I'm gonna color it all cool and stuff. I know what I want it to look like, we'll see how it goes. I'm still working on a story.

I really like the Clash. I wish I lived in the late 70's early 80's. I'd be able to hear all the great bands, take part in usless movements, and generaly waste my life. Well, I think I'm doing that anyway, but in the 70's it would've been cooler.

Yeah, life is good.